"Quality Products for Quality People"

Our goal is to fulfill our motto.

We strive to work with integrity to provide our customers quality products.

To be a God centered company serving our employees and our community.

Establish a work environment that builds character and strengthens individuals.  

We believe that it is by God's grace that Morning Star exists and endures.

We trust him for our future. 

The name “Morning Star” came from our belief that Jesus is the bright and morning star and also our love for nature.

We believe



809 N. Bullard

Silver City, NM 88061

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Mission StatemenT

Love - expect the best from everyone.

Excellence - in all we do.

Integrity - having strong moral principles that influence our work

and relationships. 

Respect - for our company and

all people

Core values

After homesteading, home schooling, craft fairs, and several trips to NY to work as a union electrician we decided we were in need of a more consistent source of income. Our four boys were getting older, so we decided to venture out and open a screen printing company.​


Being in business is first about relationships with people; staff, customers, vendors and the local community in general. We choose to follow the golden rule and treat all people with respect and honesty. We stand behind all of our products and offer quality customer service.